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Karrissa Kiln

Although author and chef Karrissa Kiln is a decorated chef, her social media debut led her to the household name she is today. She began posting her favorite recipes for all to see and fans from all over the world joined in awe. Chef Kiln’s talent of providing delicious recipes while simultaneously teaching superb cooking knowledge is unlike any other. Today, her social media fans continue to leave raving reviews of the recipes she’s provided and they keep asking for more. Throughout the last year, Chef Karrissa Kiln compiled all of her favorite recipes and created the Best Selling Cookbook of the decade, Lockdown the Flavor.

Every time Karrissa creates a new dish she strives for perfection. Foodies and puzzle lovers alike flood to Kiln's social pages to find the hidden messages in her posts.

About the Book

Looking for new and exciting recipes? Join author and chef Karrissa Kiln as she walks you through locking down flavor for today and the future to come.

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